Our luxury press on nails are all hand painted and designed. As nail lovers and nails enthusiasts we takes much pride in our

work and use top quality products to create and design out press on nails. All designs are top coated with gel for long lasting, durable nails you can reuse time and time again. 

As a wig maker and a mother of 2, having acrylic or gel nails 24/7 may not be as realistically convenient as i want. Being able to pop on and pop off my nails at any time given is a life saver. With these press on nails i am able to change up my nails anytime i want without being committed to set for 2 weeks and dealing with regrowth and then having to pay for a whole full set again. 

We offers a variety of unique and trendy designs. All of which are customized to fit your personal style. We offer custom designs also, all you have to send an email with specifications. We love working on new sets and making your vision come to life, so we are ready whenever you are



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